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My Garden Studio Oasis

Loteria Press ink drawings in the garden

 Hi! I am going to start sharing a little more about my process on my new blog and probably doing a couple of tutorials about once a month.

Today,  I thought I would share what a big ispiration my little garden is for me. Sometimes we find an oasis in our own backyard and don't have to go far to be trasnported. That is definitely what my garden is for me, an excuse to go out and water my new everglades tomatoes. I am not a garden goddess by far! but I get so much joy out of growing, sharing and eating these little jewels, which by the way I had never been able to grow before! Of course the drawing is never far behind because, as corny as it sounds, it really is the way I understand the world. So  here are a couple of photos of my tomatoes and my daily sketches! 

Loteria Press' garden