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Everything we make starts with a sketch, a drawing or a watercolor

              FROM THE BEGINNING

Loteria Press is a Miami based artists’ studio where the artist Juana Meneses transforms everyday moments into intricate and thoughtful handmade stationery and home goods. She approaches her work with curiosity to explore her surroundings in Miami and relishes in the natural beauty of the tropical landscape.

For her, creativity is about discovery and creating intentional prints, greeting cards, kitchen towels and home goods that bring joy to others. She makes textiles and has art licensing deals. Her work is about the intermingling of faux fauna and the natural world we inhabit and bringing joy into your life.


In 2018 Juana decided to offer the greeting cards that she had been making for friends and family available to the public and Loteria Press was born!

The perfect gift

We are want to bringing joy into your life!